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ORO CAFFÈ Espresso Bar Coffee Beans 1kg.

ORO CAFFÈ Espresso Bar Coffee Beans 1kg.

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This Espresso Bar Blend showcases an exquisite combination of the most exceptional espresso coffee beans from Brazil, Vietnam, and India. When brewed, it presents as a warm brown hue with intricate tiger striping and a velvety cream. The aroma is subtle and suggestive of freshly-baked bread crust and velvety chocolate. On the tongue, it is exceptionally creamy, smooth, and intense, and finishes delightfully sweet with a lasting cocoa aftertaste. Caffeine content is less than 1.7%. Perfect for accompanying morning routines or after meals, its creaminess will thrill any espresso enthusiast.

Full, Thick Body Espresso Coffee

Roasted coffee bean blend

Net weight
1 kg

Produced and packaged in italy


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